Our Ethos

Many young people are unable to access mainstream schooling for various reasons which may include special educational needs, problems with social interaction, returning from long-term sickness, failure to engage with the curriculum and children in care who have moved schools frequently and seek some form of continuity. In addition, children in care often require provision both before and after the school day.

The ethos behind Pendynas Care and Education Service is to provide a genuinely teacher-led solution to schools’ need for ensuring all young people access educational provision. Whereas other providers focus on outdoor activities alone we will ensure that education, both in terms of traditional academic subjects such as Math’s and English and through developing skills for succeeding in life beyond school (e.g. computing skills, money management, applying for college and work etc.) is core to our provision. 


We will provide access to a range of adventure and outdoor activities both through our own staff and commissioning third parties. This makes us unique, as does our ability to provide both transport and physical facilities.


We will ensure excellent quality wrap-around educational provision for students unable to access mainstream education. Our core staff will be teachers or trained educational professionals and we will focus on the needs of every individual young person. 


We will work with all stakeholders to ensure every young person meets their personal targets and achieves exceptional personal growth.