PREVENT is part of the of the governments counter-terrorism strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

Its three key objectives are; 

  • Respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who promote it.  

  • Prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support

  • Work with sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalization which we need to address. 

Protecting children from the risk of radicalisation is seen as part of our wider safeguarding duties, and is similar in nature to protecting children from other harms (e.g. drugs, gangs, neglect, sexual exploitation), whether these come from within their family or are the product of outside influences.

Online Safety

The internet and social media are an embedded part of everyday life for everyone in today's society. Internet Safety and staying safe online is therefore a key skill that young people and parents/carers need to be fully aware of.