Not all students succeed at school for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes a different setting and an individual progress plan can help refocus a young person and increase their chances of success.


We offer a range of bespoke solutions working in partnership with schools to support young people who are struggling. We base all provision around learning with a range of subjects covered on a one to one or small group basis (including both supporting work students are doing in school and offering a range of ASDAN qualifications), but we enhance this with essential enrichment experiences tailored to the needs of the young person, including surfing, lifeguard skills, farm experiences and a wide range of other outdoor activities.


We will work closely with schools to build a tailored plan with specific outcomes that will be measured. The aim is to work with young people either for up to 15 hours per week for a period of time agreed by all parties. We can provide transport where required and are more than happy to be involved in EHCP reviews and planning.